Painful Ribs

Sunday 13th December 

My ribs on the right side remain painful. Optimistically maybe a little less painful than yesterday. The only other slight ache is in my left groin. 

Yesterday twisting to change  a ceiling rose was particularly painful , given the awkward position I had to get into to replace the always too short wires into the new rose. I think I have overdone the weights this week, probably on the medicine ball twist as that felt hard work while I was doing the exercise. Much conditioning has been lost since my last visit to the gym almost 9 months ago now.

Looking back over the week, I have been active everyday. On court mon, weds, thurs and fri. 

Thursday evening doubles was particularly good this week, everyone raring to go and lots of energy. I had one of those moments in the warm up where I became aware of how well I was moving and effortlessly generating power without really trying. These moments are as memorable as they are rare. My serve by contrast was well off. In one game felt like I had used 6 different serving techniques by the end of the game – which we won, surprisingly. 

Fri had a lesson. Forehand was flowing today, and was able to make that preparation earlier trying to be in position by the time the ball crossed the net. The backhand is a different prospect, timing all over the place including late preparation. 

Serve remains erratic. 

Volley practice was good, learning to stay low on the volley.  

Last night I watched Strictly Come Dancing and was in awe of the fitness and nimbleness of Bill Bailey. The progress these folk make in relatively short time is pretty amazing. I need to bring some of that ethic into my own training for sure. 

Recent weeks I have like many players  been pleased just to be back on court. Two sessions of doubles and a squad session featuring doubles play is not the type of practice that is going to improve my singles, no matter how much fun. 

It feels like  a difficult decision as all of the above sessions have been great fun, so in changing I will lose something. The camarderie has been great and very enjoyable. While physically I could probably still incorporate the above, there is not the time at the moment to contemplate both. 

Monday 14th 

Ribs even more painful today. Had expected the Ibuprofen to kick in and ease the pain. Any twisting or reaching is very painful. Thoughts are about giving this evening’s session a miss, though I am sure once I am warmed up all will feel ok. Take another 2 Ibuprofen. A short time later the pain starts to ease – doubts about this evening’s session are put to rest. 

4pm car won’t start, not even turnover, just electrical clicking and whirring then nothing. Cars’ a bit like bodies, take them for granted when they work and curse them when they don’t. Its virtually dark – the breakdown service call can wait until tomorrow morning. 

Probably overdone it with weights last week and heavy hitting during lesson on friday has strained my ribs and boy are they letting me know it. A reminder of the need to increase effort gradually. And now I am paying the price for my overenthusiasm. It’s such a fine balance between feeling like not doing enough and doing too much. This a reminder of just how fine the margin is between fitness and injury. 

Just about managed to get through session. In a strange way having the restriction makes me focus on other areas of my game. 

Tuesday 15th 

Ribs still very sore. After work at 4pm decide to go for a run, thinking that once warmed up it will feel better. First steps. I am very aware of my ribs they hurt with every step and breathing in hurts down my right side as well. To make running more comfortable I run well within myself and it feels good. Pretty effortless running. My feet are planting firmly on the ground and pushing me into the next stride with little apparent effort. A very good feeling apart from the ache in my ribs. Interesting that my brain can hold two thoughts about how I am feeling at the same time – how good I feel and how painful my ribs are. 

Running across the Barrowfields it is a gloomy evening, the sea heaving and rumbling in the half light, occasional breaks of white on the rocks, monochrome in the fading light. It lifts the spirits, an inspiring sight, how lucky to see it in its off season winter mood. I didn’t really want to get out but I tell myself that it is these December sessions when everyone else is downing tools and easing off that the extra work really counts physically and psychologically. 

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